Tuesday, May 11, 2010

'Stache & Dash Bash

Which 'Stache Are You?

The event of the century... okay the decade... okay the year... the month.... hmmm well. It was A LOT OF FUN! (And I think a pretty brilliant idea which I can't take all the credit for)

It all started with my lovely roommate and friend Christi saying, "I want to have a mustache party." And I was like, "Okay." And while most great ideas get tossed to the side because we start to second guess them or get overwhelmed with boring life stuff I decided that with a week left of school it was time to make this grand idea happen. And so came 'Stache & Dash Bash.

The name came about... well because it rhymed. So since the mustache party now had dashing involved we decided to make it a mustache scavenger hunt. Invited some friends through an event on facebook, bought the supplies (fake mustaches of course), and created the scavenger hunt assignment and list to handout when everyone arrived.

Since we did it the Monday before finals we made the hunt just and hour and twenty minutes but it was a blast running around the TCU campus and part of the TCU/fort worth area. We had three teams of four which was perfect and everyone got to pick out their very own mustache. Really the pictures say it all so I will share those with you now.

Team One

Team Two

Team Three
(Waiting for pics)

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