Wednesday, March 13, 2013


When I'm running, anything seems possible; because when I'm running, I'm doing what once was impossible. We can all come up with excuses to avoid doing the things in life that scare us. Stop it. Your excuses will become your regrets.

I wish I could explain just how much I used to hate running and how it scared me so that you could understand the feeling of overcoming and conquering that fear. When I would hear people say, "I love running." I would think to myself... "LIAR! They are just saying that because it sounds cool." How could anyone actually love running? A mile seemed like a gargantuan feat and finishing one seemed like an eternity... and now here I am. I love to run. I'm ready to run my first Half Marathon. In fact, I pick up my pace and try to sprint the last mile of my runs... cuz a mile is just a mile.

It was a year ago that I ran in my first official race. It was KC Track Club's 34th Annual St. Patrick's Day Run in Westport. It was four miles long and I ran it with a time of 37:44:9. My goal had been to break a ten min mile pace for it and really I wanted to get below 38 minutes, so I was ecstatic with this time. That was the beginning of me really falling in love with running, because I found that it was fun. YES, fun! At a race my adrenaline is going. I have the energy of the crowd to feed off of, and passing people feels so darn good. Since that first run, I have also completed the Warrior Dash, Color Run, Glow Run, Santa Run, Rodeo Run...

I was thinking of that first run from a year ago this past weekend as I completed my ten miles as part of my half marathon training. What a difference a year makes. What a journey, and it's only the beginning.

It was a rough ten miles. I loved running the nine the weekend before, but I felt every. single. mile. of those ten. Rough, but got it done. Rain and all, ten miles... done. Loved the "Emergency Stopping Only" sign. A good reminder to keep going!

I feel alive when I run. Lost in my thoughts, everything becomes clear. The world around me is white noise and suddenly it's me, my thoughts, and God. And ANYTHING seems possible.

If you want to do something... do it!
Don't just think about it. Don't just talk about it. DO IT!
Be the person you want to be. Do the things you want to do.
And if you're afraid of failure... you have to let that go. Failure is inevitable. Wouldn't you rather fail while chasing wildly after your dreams than to fail sitting on your couch... with your regrets?!
You were made for more and you have it in you.

Chase after your dreams. 
Get rid of your excuses or

Along the way I have had a lot of excuses I could have fallen on. Some frivolous and some very legitimate! When my back went out last February, I couldn't go to the gym like normal, but I walked on the treadmill for as long as my body would let me at a time and worked my way back. A year ago I was out playing catch with my brother and got hit in the eye with the baseball which gave me a huge black eye. It swelled up so I could hardly open that eye and see... and still I went to the gym that Monday to train. I've worked late and have had to rearrange my schedule to fit some kind of a work out in. I've traveled and done my Nike Training Club workouts in the hotel. Oh, and the food!!! Gosh the food! Oh, the temptations. You should see the stuff that comes through my work that I just have to move past. Lordy, lordy, lordy, the food. 
I could go on with excuses that just pile up: job, family, time, etc. But if you want it, you have to find a way to make it work. You have to fight for it. It's not going to happen on it's own. Make a plan, then work the plan. Adjust and change as the world around you changes. But, YOU CAN DO IT!

Attack life the way you were created to!

There was a moment when the switch went off in my head and I knew at that very moment that my life WAS going to change and I've been going full force ever since. Here's the thing, as badly as I'd like to, I can't give that to other people. I can try to motivate and inspire, but they have to turn that switch on their own, no one can do it for them.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Motivation Monday

It's Monday... Time to get motivated for the week ahead!

I am obsessed with motivational quotes, workout memes, scripture verses, funny sayings, etc. and have a stock pile of ones I have saved. Literally, half the images in my phone photo album are screenshots of these quotes. It's time to start sharing and what better place than on here?


So many times I have been overwhelmed with the trials of this world. I am thankful for my Rock, Jesus Christ, who brings peace and understanding to my life. "Let the peace of God rule your heart." -Col. 3:15

It is because I have stared Absolute Failure in the face that I am so determined. Facing failure, slapping it in the face, and moving past it is what has built me and made me strong.

Working out (especially long runs) is my therapy.
It's also like medicine. Several times I have felt awful and still gone to work out and feel so much better afterwards.

A LOT of little steps!
Whenever someone talks about how they can't believe how much I run I make sure to tell them... I started walking.
One step at a time.

It's all about changing your lifestyle and making Excellence a habit.
Meaning... it won't happen over night, but it will happen.

You're cheating yourself and your loved ones!

This one has run through my head several times when I've gone to workout and just don't "feel like it."

Feeling Motivated?!

Now get out there and kick some butt!
(and come back next monday for some more)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Apples and Oranges

In the "Comparison Game" you lose every... single... time.

There will ALWAYS be someone:
Better Dressed

There's even someone who is all that and more than you. I don't say all this to be a Debby Downer but rather I want to talk about something I definitely struggle with: Playing the Comparison Game and losing every time.

I am sure you gentlemen struggle with this as well, in fact I know you do, but I am a female, therefore I will be speaking from that perspective.

Sometimes when playing this game we'll compare ourselves to someone "prettier;" and then to even things out, we'll tell ourselves we're probably smarter. Really? Why? Because she's blonde... Okay, well that's probably true then... JUST KIDDING! So back to the prettier blonde... What if she's smarter than you too? Then what? Here's the deal. There are so many gorgeous women. I mean just gorgeous! Trust me. I've spent a lot of time in Texas and they have an excess of them there! And so what? Isn't that a good thing? Why does someone else's greatness have to make you feel less than? Or someone else's downfalls make you feel better? One, you never know what their story is and what has led them to the place they are at now. Two, what if they are a shallow, selfish, pretty girl? Does that now make you better? No! I know I'm rambling, yet this is what I'm getting at... Stop comparing! It will tear you apart.

Here's the deal. There may be someone prettier and smarter and richer and funnier, but there is one thing you have on them, guaranteed. You are the only you! You can't be them, so stop trying. But they can't be you so do you to your very best. Be the very best you that you can be. And here is what I have found. When you are your best self, as flawed and messed up as that may be, you have the ability to impact people in an unspeakable way.

Recently, I have been following some different fitness competitors and crossfitters for inspiration on Instagram. It's nice to see other's photos to see what they are doing and to help set goals... my problem is getting too wrapped up in comparing myself to them. I've noticed myself struggling with some body issues recently as my body just won't do what I want it to. I look in the mirror and because of my loose skin, I still see a fat girl. It's frustrating, exhausting, and getting to my head. With that being said, I stopped following these pages on Instagram to take away the temptation of comparing myself.

I run, but compare me to a legit runner... I am an amateur.
I dance, but compare me to a legit dancer... I look like a fool.
I weightlift, but compare me to a legit weight lifter... I am weak.
I do kickboxing, but compare me to a legit fighter... I am beat.
I am pretty, but compare me to a model... And I am a beast.
I am smart, but compare me to a doctor... I am an idiot.

Lucky for me that being the best at these things is not what defines me but rather being my best self. Living out the will of God for my life to my very best is what will define me in this world. I am going to continue to push myself, but my goal is to be the best I can be for myself.
I have already been absolutely astounded by the impact my journey to be my best self has had on people around me. And I thank all of you who have shared this with me as it brings such great encouragement.

Choose to stop judging others and to stop judging yourself!

Get up every day with purpose, to be your very best self and make us all proud to spell our name...
W-O-M-A-N. (reference to Maya Angelou quote)

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