Monday, March 4, 2013

Motivation Monday

It's Monday... Time to get motivated for the week ahead!

I am obsessed with motivational quotes, workout memes, scripture verses, funny sayings, etc. and have a stock pile of ones I have saved. Literally, half the images in my phone photo album are screenshots of these quotes. It's time to start sharing and what better place than on here?


So many times I have been overwhelmed with the trials of this world. I am thankful for my Rock, Jesus Christ, who brings peace and understanding to my life. "Let the peace of God rule your heart." -Col. 3:15

It is because I have stared Absolute Failure in the face that I am so determined. Facing failure, slapping it in the face, and moving past it is what has built me and made me strong.

Working out (especially long runs) is my therapy.
It's also like medicine. Several times I have felt awful and still gone to work out and feel so much better afterwards.

A LOT of little steps!
Whenever someone talks about how they can't believe how much I run I make sure to tell them... I started walking.
One step at a time.

It's all about changing your lifestyle and making Excellence a habit.
Meaning... it won't happen over night, but it will happen.

You're cheating yourself and your loved ones!

This one has run through my head several times when I've gone to workout and just don't "feel like it."

Feeling Motivated?!

Now get out there and kick some butt!
(and come back next monday for some more)

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