Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Brother from Another Mother

Really, a brother from another mother. Zephaniah, Manasseh, and now our new little guy, Reuben, all have the same dad (Petey) but different mothers. So, they are literally, brothers from another Mother.

I know I have been MIA from the blog for awhile now, but my life kind of exploded there and I got super, crazy, ridiculously, busy but I love blogging and I have to make time for it.

For today I am going to leave you with the new family photo of the boys and their new brother.

Zephaniah, Reuben, and Manasseh. Aren't the adorable?!?!!

Zephaniah is the black one. He just turned five, and yes, we had a dog party for him... he's that special. He is my sister's dog and he pretty much saved her life. A year ago we almost lost him. It was pretty devastating, but with a lot of prayer and care, he was healed and you would never know how bad he was if you saw him today. Manasseh is the brown one. He is two and was supposed to be my mom's dog but when I came home from school he and I really connected and I kind of, accidentally, stole him from her. Oops. When I started working out he became my walking/jogging/running buddy and that pretty much linked him to me for good.

So, now that Henna is up in Omaha with Niah and I stole Manasseh, mom wanted her own dog and we wanted Manasseh to have someone to play with so we got this red fella, Reuben. He has a sable coloring which means he has red and black. Reuben is a ball of fire. He's either going a million miles a minute and wanting to chew EVERYTHING or he is crashing, but not for long before he's at it again. The first two days Manasseh was not a fan of the new addition. I think he was really just confused as to what exactly Reuben was. But, on the third day Manasseh warmed up to Reuben and now they play and play and play together. It is a HOOT to watch. Yes, I said "hoot."

And just so you don't think he is always a glowing angel I've included the photo below of the boys playing with Manasseh's girlfriend, Kissa. This little guy is intense.

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  1. SO adorable! I love that they're such good friends. Bella and Charlie won't play together, but they do curl up in a ball together, which is just as cute ;).


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