Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It wasn't about the presents underneath the tree...

...Instead it was all about their wrapping.
As you get older you get less gifts being that the things you want now cost a lot more mullah. So, in an effort to make every gift count and feel over the top special, I created a unique bow for each and every gift. Plus, I just love doing that kind of crap. You know, the stuff that takes so much time to prepare and then only has a very brief moment in the sun. That's why once I spent weeks doing paper mache on a bunch of balloons to make these ball center pieces for an event that was two hours long, and why in the eighth grade I would go to school extra early on a friends birthday to decorate their locker and fill it full of balloons so that when they opened it they would all come pouring out, and why I once drove ten hours straight home and cut up a huge refrigerator box to look like a giant gift box with a lid and wrapped it and got inside it and had my best friend open it up for her 18th Birthday... it's all about a moment. A moment to make something just a little more special for someone else. They may not remember the detail but they can probably remember the feeling.

So, I know I am behind on the whole Christmas thing but, I hope you can still enjoy.

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