Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Music that Moves You

You know that moment when you're running and you're about to hit a wall, and then... the song changes on your ipod (mp3 player, cd player, cassette player... whatever you rock), and all of a sudden you muster up some kind of supernatural strength you didn't know you had. I love that moment.

I am sorry, but I cannot do my cardio without music. One, it takes my mind off of what exactly I'm doing to my body. Two, I hate hearing myself breathing heavy (I am not a pretty runner). Three, it keeps me motivated. When a good song comes on, I get an extra little pop in my shoulders, and sometimes I start punching my arms like a boxer ready to fight. I'm sure it's quite a sight to see.

My workout mix is pretty cliche with mostly hip hop/pop songs. If you can dance to it, I want to run to it. Plenty of Missy Elliot, Beyonce, and Black Eyed Peas songs and then some other songs I love in there right now are: Whip my Hair, Get Outta Your Mind, Go Hard, Hard Knock Life, and, of course, others that will come to my mind later and I will wonder how I ever forgot to include them. I want to add some "Stadium Jams." You know, the pump up songs they play at sporting events. I think I have a CD tucked away somewhere called "Stadium Jams" that has all those classic songs on it. I should find that.

Now I must share with you this fabulous song that is my newest "Get Your Groove On Song." I need to download it so I can get it on my ipod stat and start sweatin' to it.
Please Enjoy!

Now, what do you have on your ipod when you work out? I am really curious to find out what others are listening to so I hope you do leave a comment and share. I often ponder what others are rocking out to during their workout or what long distance runners listen to. Do they mix it up? Would I be surprised to find out they play classical music? Do they play a book recording? In high school, we read Ironman by Chris Crutcher and the main character competed in an Ironman competition and his classmates made him a special mix tape for his run.

So, please do share what you listen to and maybe I can add some to my list.

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