Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Veggie Tales

Boccoli, celery, gotta be... Veggie Tales! Remember those guys? I'm not talking about these Jesus loving Veggies today but rather my revolutionized relationship with the veggies that you actually eat.

Take a look at my shopping cart these days and you would have no idea that I used to despise veggies. When I was a kid I hated vegetables so much that I came up with some pretty creative ways to "clean my plate." My parents tried so hard to get me to eat my veggies; using the classic, "no dessert unless you eat those" or "you cannot leave the table until you eat those." Here's the deal, I was a really good kid... like goody-two-shoes good but, I was also a little sneaky. I was able to get away with a lot of stuff under the veil of being the good kid. My sneaky, evasive behavior was unexpected.

There was no way I was going to choke down those veggies and of course I didn't want to sit at the kitchen table all night so I found ways to get rid of them.
1. Chew a little and then act like I was wiping my face when really I was spitting it out in my napkin to be thrown away later.
2. There was some kind of large decorative clay pot near the kitchen table that had a small opening at the top and opened up to a big base. When no one was watching I would empty my veggies in there. (and then one day my mom did some spring cleaning and found the rotted stuff that I am sure was several year old... yeah, def got spanked for that)
3. Sometimes I would toss a few on other people's plates but I could only do a little at a time and found this to not be my best option.
4. My most successful tactic was to stuff my veggies in my pockets... or my underwear... (DON'T JUDGE!)... and then go to the restroom and flush 'em away! Success.

I think at some point my parents realized that there just wasn't much else they could do and I filled my own plate and ate what I could. I would eat green beans and some select others and I didn't have to dispose of my unwanted veggies anymore.
Peas were always my least favorite Veggie and here I am having them for lunch... when pigs fly.

Now, I can honestly say I really do like veggies. Crazy! I still shock myself sometimes with this new taste pallet. I don't put dressing on my salads, I snack on cauliflower, I ate PEAS! Who is this girl? She's out of her mind but I think I'll keep her around. Makes meals so much more interesting when there's more on the plate than just meat and potatoes.

tasty tacos filled with veggies

I told you... I snack on Cauliflower... obsessed!

A tasty Stir Fry

Lettuce Wrap

When you make a tasty salad there is no need for dressing.

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  1. I'm on board with the snacking on cauliflower (although broccoli is my preference), and I love all other veggies (we're on an avocado kick right now), but I cannot STAND peas. It's the one vegetable I cannot ever force down :).

    I can't believe how sneaky you were as a child! I am trying to picture your mom's face when she found several years worth of rotten veggies in a vase.


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