Monday, January 20, 2014

Start Somewhere

elephant sketch sharpie watercolor

I think drawing is like running for me... the longer I go without doing it... the more intimidating it becomes.

I've found that when I just run for myself it's more like therapy than fitness. It's like the world fades away and I have the clearest thoughts... that same thing happens to me when I get lost in an art piece. So the question would obviously be, "Why don't you do it more if it makes you so happy?"


...and then fear.
I'm a bit of a perfectionist and and over-thinker and sometimes when I should just put pen to paper and do something, even if it's just a doodle I make it more complicated than it should be and I talk myself out of it. You know the saying, "Use it or lose it." I get scared that... I've lost it. That by letting the time slip by I won't be able to draw anymore. uhhh... that's fear and if you read my last blog... that's a lie. I mean yes, I am so out of practice but the gift I was born with is still up in there and I have to get out of my stupid, little head and JUST DO IT.

stop over analyzing quote

Back in December I made this glorious discovery. I was in the West Bottoms looking for some unique items for the new apartment and I kept walking by this beautiful drawing table. I wasn't in the hunt for a drawing table... but it didn't care. It asked me to take a seat and as I brushed my hand across it's surface a tear fell from my eyes and it took all I had not to lose it right there. Soooo... I bought it.

It needs a few repairs and the back still has to be stained but it's my baby and I love it.

So, now with a drawing table and having collected all my supplies from my parents' house I'm ready to get creating. But of course as life throws out it's demands on your time it's easy to start pushing things without deadlines back and back. This is why I am really excited about a little creative challenge for 2014 that I am doing with some friends from work. We were all discussing how we wanted to be creating more even if it was just something small. You gotta start somewhere! So, here it is. Each week we have a new word that we have to create something related to it. That's really all the guidelines. Create whatever you want. We have a little show and tell on friday and then are posting them on instagram and facebook with the hashtag #WeeklyWordPlay2014.

Our first word was "Elephant." I picked the word and I may have a thing for elephants...
Above is the elephant I created on watercolor paper with sharpie and watercolors. It was super simple... but I just didn't want to think about it too much. I really just sat down and went for it.
Below is the gorgeous Elephant my friend Lauren created with pastels! (Click here to see her site)
pastel elephant colorful rainbow art draw

Anyway, so here I am trying to live by the words from my last blog about fear and saying you just gotta start somewhere. Get out of your head, don't over think it and just do it.

I look forward to creating and sharing with you all!

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