Thursday, January 31, 2013


Wanted to share a few things I am a little obsessed with. We'll call this the Obsessed: Fashion Edition blog post. All the things I have been wearing to death.

Short in Front/Long in Back Dress (skirt)
Crazy about these. They're fun, funky, and functional. It's like a mullet... in dress form. Party in the front and business in the back. I love getting to show off some leg while still covering my butt, literally. Super comfortable. I can move around with ease and still look cute. I want more! I have to refrain myself from overstocking my closet with these. Don't want people to think they are all I am capable of wearing. 
[sidenote: There are some bad versions of this style of dress, so it is important to be picky.]

Super original, I know. But, it's winter and these are my go-to pop of fun. Some do necklaces... I do scarves. I'm picky about my scarves though. I like them big and full. No need to bother with the wimpy ones. A great color, pattern, or just something that makes it pop a little more is always nice as well.

Leather Jacket
Everyday. Everywhere. Throw on jeans, boots, T, leather jacket - done! I have been wearing mine to death, but I can't help it. Maybe it's because I've always wanted to wear jackets like this and couldn't, so now I'm making up for lost time or deep down inside me there's a member of Hell's Angels... either way... obsessed.

I know, I know, just like the scarves, this is nothing original, but I can't write about the things I've been obsessed with this season and not at least mention my boots. They go with everything. Over or under the jeans, with a dress, with my skinnies... whatever, throw on some boots for a good look and yet very comfortable. And that's that.

Fun Nails
I usually never paint my nails because I am horrible at keeping them up and then I end up looking like a pre-teen at work. However, this is a trend I had to jump on. Granted my nails are currently naked as I type this, but I do have an appointment with my private nail technician extraordinaire (my sister) to have them done again. I just love all the experimenting and fun people are having with their nails. Add the glitter! Mix the colors! Make the patterns! I love putting a neutral color on the majority of my nails and then picking a fun pop for the ring finger... with some glitter.

High Sock Bun
I blame my sister for getting me hooked on this one. I tried it for the first time in the pic above and found that it was super easy to do and I like the look. Nothing like having another option with my hair that takes very little effort and looks like I actually tried. I've probably overused this one like everything else listed on this post, but when you are obsessed you just can't help yourself. 

Stacked Jewelry
Layer it on! Stack your bracelets. Stack your rings. I can't get enough! We'll know I've gone too far when I look like I did when I was 8 or 9 and decided it necessary to wear all my silver rings on all of my fingers... hmmm. But stacking, I love. With the bracelets it may be like the jackets where I used to not be able to wear them because my wrists were too big and now that I can, I love it. And I really love the leather straps wrapped around several times and some of the ones with words. This one says, "TOUGH" and my other one says, "FIERCE"... obviously. We all knew I wouldn't go for the ones that say "LOVE" or "SWEET." Ha!

The image that sums it ALL up for me!
Mix &Match
Hard & Soft
Dress Up/Dress Down

I totally want this outfit. I just love the juxtaposition of it all. Mixing and matching styles. Soft flowing skirt with a ball cap! Layer it on with that great pop of color and we are good. It says, "I'm fun, quirky, and I don't take myself too seriously."

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