Saturday, August 17, 2013

We Laugh

Mi Familia... we're not normal... but then, that's kind of what makes us normal... right?
If I've learned anything about family it's that there is no "normal" family. There is no "perfect" family. And family isn't always the one you are born to. 

For most of us, growing up is all about fitting in. Then when we get older and realize that fitting in sucks, it's all about finding and embracing the things that made us so special to begin with.

It's kind of like that for me and my family. Growing up I just wanted us to be "normal," to fit in and now it is all the crazy weird stuff about us that I love so much.

And while we fight and bicker and sometimes absolutely despise each other... we also love. We love deep. We love strong.

... and WE LAUGH!

The Sextons:
We're funny... I mean, most of us are, but we all have a good sense of humor. It's that sarcastic, dry sense of humor.

We're jacks of all trades and have a vast knowledge of random unimportant things.

We're not miniature people... ha. To say the least. We're big people, yep I said it. Now, my dad and brother are over six foot. In fact growing up I thought all guys ended up being over six foot when full grown... imagine my disappointment... lol. We're built for hard labor, lifting heavy things, and we don't mind getting dirty. Neanderthals.

We're loud. Whispering just is not our gifting. So, sometimes when we fought/when we fight... you bet our neighbors heard us... oh yeah, we be those classy neighbors.

We're like super passionate people who have strong convictions and will stand up for them. 

We're loyal. Maybe to a fault... but that's okay. Friends and family... we've got your back. Through thick and thin when everyone else deserts you... turn around cuz you've got a Sexton behind you. I can't tell you how many times I have seen my family stand by a friend or family member in the darkest of hours even when the favor isn't generally returned. 

We're a little red neck. Growing up in small town America I fought this label a lot because most people relate small town with small mind... so wrong! Now I... we, embrace the fact that we're a little red neck. The Sextons have gone country. 

Here's how Henna broke down some of our specific little random quirks: Mom laughs at everything, Dad has gas, Caleb has fairy dust (that makes it impossible to be upset with him), Bey (that's me) can't do accents, and Henna can't spell.

(Kind of)

An example of our craziness.
A snapshot of the immediate response I got to requesting some help on this blog.

So, you can see we are also all extremely mature and would never find flatulance comical. ...haha. Flatulance, now that's a funny word.

Oh, and a shout out to BakerBaker Photography who took these lovely family photos for us back in June. We were WAY overdue!

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  1. I think my dad would respond the same way. Too funny, Bey!


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