Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dear Trey,

I've started this letter at least a dozen times over the last year, but every time I get overwhelmed with all I want to say so that I never finish it. With your recent promotion and, therefore, transfer of gyms from our beloved home spot of Gladstone 24 to Independence 24, and with you no longer teaching kick boxing, I felt this a good time to finally get it out. So, excuse me as I try to find my words to ultimately say, thank you. 

You're the first person to ever call me "athletic." And regardless of it being true or not and regardless of whether or not you meant it... I believed it. You released the best in me. You found the fighter inside of me that I always felt was there. And you empowered me to be strong and fight. Working out was no longer a means to an end or something I had to do, but rather it became a way of life and what I have to do... what I get to do.

You wanna know how I know I'll never be fat again? Because I don't workout to lose weight. I workout and eat healthy because I'm an athlete, and I want my body to perform the best it can. If this was only about losing weight,  it would be torture because, as you have learned in working with me, I don't lose weight easily. While that can and has been difficult, I'm okay because I love living an active lifestyle. And you were key to giving me that. You made working out fun. You connected me with a community of people that I could be active with. You took interest in my life outside the gym. For goodness sakes... you gave me "boy homework" to push me out of my shell and "trained" me on how to flirt! ha! You made that stinky old Gladstone 24 hour gym home. You bragged on me and made me feel like I belonged. You believed in me and you made me believe in myself. 

What is that saying from Star Wars? Something like, "strong in you the force is." Something like that. Well, the force in you is strong. Trey, I just know that God has a calling on your life. You're something special, like really special. And I don't say this about a lot of people; in fact, it's very rare. But it's just crazy how I feel this mantel on your life. Of course you have to accept it, and it doesn't mean life will be easy, but it does mean it will be powerful beyond your hopes. I pray you find the truth. 

It was fate that I got matched up with your crazy butt as my trainer all that time ago. And now you're family. Even if ya don't like it. The deal is you mean the world to me. I value your opinion and I respect you. No matter where life takes us, you hold a special place in my heart (I just can't help it) and I'll always have your back. I want the very best that God has for your life. Nothing short of that. No settling. No second best. 

There are certain places that I go where I feel safe because either my dad or brother are there or because the people there know my dad and brother and watch out for me the same way. That's the way I feel about the gym. Even though I haven't been able to consistently train with you, there is a certain comfort that I have knowing you are there. That you have my back and would look out for me. So, this is going to be weird with you leaving. I'll have to find a new normal but don't think I won't be bugging you out there in Independence. 

You're a part of my journey, you're a key player in my story, and I'm better for knowing you. Thank you. 

Your friend,

All those Saturday morning bootcamps at the beginning.

That one time you left 24 Hour... and then came back.

That one time in Kickboxing when I knocked the bag off the hook.

Last kickboxing class at Bill Brown's Karate.

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