Friday, May 13, 2011

Paper, Scissors, String... and a little magic

A couple weekends ago a friend of mine and her mother were putting on a Bridal Shower for their soon-to-be sister and daughter-in-law. They held it at my friend's grandmother's house which already has a special feel to it with the antique decor (which you can see in the beautiful chair pictured above). So, we kept the decorations for the shower super simple. I made this "Bride" banner to hang over the Bride's seat. It was fairly simple to make and really was a special touch.

Make sure to use a nice thick paper for the letters so they hold up nicely, but use any color you want. You could even find a nice patterned paper. For the little flower looking additions on either end I used regular copy paper so I could bend and mold it more easily. For those I just followed template I have for headbands I do with fabric, but it worked great for those as well. You can go without the additions or make whatever you want for the ends.

1 comment:

  1. Cool! It really did turn out looking very nice. Interesting that the font was called "Captain Howdy" which implies "Howdy Dudey" and cowboy. Yet when hanging above the antique couch, the font looks completely appropriate for the time period of the couch and a bride of today!

    The light from the background of the windown really makes the lettering POP! The bride-to-be had to have felt VERY special! What a lovely tribute to her!


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