Thursday, May 12, 2011

A teacher or two

There's nothing I love better than a true character, somebody that makes life a little more interesting. The professor for my Disasters & Failures class was the definition of character. If you think of what a mad scientist looks like, my professor would probably match up to about 9 out of the 10 descriptors you think up. The wild hair, large glasses, button up shirt partly tucked in, pleated khaki pants, and a touch of crazy. He was such a character I couldn't help but do a quick sketch of him. Glad I did.

I wish I could find my syllabus for my philosophy class because there were five different professors for that class (everyone of them an extreme character) and to help me remember which one was which I did a sketch of each of them next to their name. It was like they had to pass a "character" exam to be able to teach the class.
One of my sketches of a teacher ended up as their facebook picture. In my psychology class we had a quiz every week and after it was done I, like most students, would doodle on the back of the quiz. Our professor told us that sometimes he liked to share what students sketched out on the back of their quizzes with the class. So, one time the TA was there to teach the class and gave the quiz and he had this funky little hair-do. I did a little sketch of him and the next week the professor said he wanted to share some drawings with the class. Up on the screen was my sketch of the TA and a nice stick figure of our professor. He wondered why the TA got a real portrait and all he got was a stick figure, kind of funny. Then he told us that the TA had made my sketch his facebook profile picture... who knew?

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