Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Right Outside Your Window

Adventure. Is it right outside your window?

I have "the" travel bug, and I have it bad. I want to see the world and experience all it has to offer. Meet different people, ride in weird vehicles, listen to unique music, see all the art I've only studied in books. I want to do it all.

For five years when my mom was a young girl she, my grandparents, and her brother lived in Saudi Arabia. My grandparents were teachers for TWA and they got to fly all over the world for free. My mom has sled down the Swiss Alps, she swam with dolphins in the Red Sea (not Sea World, it's different), been on Safari in Africa, and been badly burnt after laying out for fifteen minutes be cause they were so close to the equator. This picture of the elephants is one of a zillion from all their travels. While on safari in Africa they stayed in a lodge where this site was just waiting in the backyard. I love this photo and I love the idea of waking up to this.

In my life so far I have not been fortunate enough to travel really much at all. I've never crossed an ocean and gone beyond North America. Heck, I've barely been to very many states here in the US. But I dream of road tripping across country and seeing every state (of course I'll fly to Alaska and Hawaii). And then I want to go to Europe and see the art and the historical architecture. I want to see where my Great Granddad grew up in England. I want to go on Safari and see animals in their real habitat. I want to go to Australia and climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge. I want to see the great wonders of the world natural and man made. I want to go to Romania to the House of Joy* where I have wanted to go and serve since I was a little girl and first heard of the ministry. I do hope for my travels to be more than just about me but rather an opportunity for me to connect with a broad range of people and share in the love of Christ through our similarities and differences.

I want it SO bad and I know God knows the desires of my heart so I know I will get to see this beautiful world he has created.

[*House of Joy: Kathy is the founder of the House of Joy in Cluj, Romania. House of Joy is a crisis pregnancy center, and offers an alternative for a country with the highest abortion rate in the world. Women staying at the House of Joy attend Bible studies, English classes, and receive life skills and job training, as well as child care classes. Kathy’s long-term vision is to bring a House of Joy to Tallinn, Estonia. Learn more at]

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  1. hhahhah i always have an itch to leave and go somewhere. god absolutely knows the desires of your heart. i knew i loved people and travel and god gave me one of the greatest adventures of my life with the world race. its coming. youll be completely blown away how he'll shower you with the desires and blessings. miss and love you a ton!!!


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