Thursday, November 17, 2011

He Really Loves Me

If you follow my blog then you know about my wittle doggy, Manasseh. He goes by A LOT of nicknames. We call him: fudgie, fudge popp-e, Roy (short for corduroy), fudgie Roy, chicken little, little one, and on special occasions... Turd. After moving back home to save money and pay off student loans, he and I got really close. This past year was not an easy one as I looked and looked and looked for a job. Since I spent most my time at home (not spending money) Manasseh and I were always together. And then when I started getting in shape, he became my workout buddy, up for any adventure I threw at him. To be honest, I hate going on a run without him.

Now I have a job. Praise the Lord!! But this means Fudgie is at home alone. So, we got him a little brother and they get along (as much as siblings get along) but we still have to leave them in their kennels while we are at work because Fudgie can jump the gate that is supposed to keep them in the kitchen and out of the rest of the house. We just can't let them roam the house free while we aren't there. I have been working for three months now and I think it's gotten to Manasseh.

Yesterday, while we were at work, Manasseh got to work on his kennel and literally chewed his way out of it.

When my parents got home they found the evidence of his escape (which sadly included some blood) and Manasseh on my bed. My poor little guy. So, we are going to have to figure out something better for him but, I can't just not work. When I got home my parents explained to me what they had come home to. Even though I had just gotten home from an hour long Zumba class I thought Fudgie needed some one-on-one time with his sissy. So we went on a long run.

Love this little guy and I HATE being away from him but, what's a working girl to do?

and yes, I am wearing a lovely white wife-beater over my black sweatshirt because I don't have any light colored sweatshirts and while I wanted to keep warm... I did not want to die.


  1. They're expensive, but the wire crates are amazing. Nappy loves his and wire is harder to chew through than plastic, right? haha Look into it. I got one at Petsmart and it came with a cheap bed, but I recently got a cover that came with a nicer one. Good luck with your sweet boy, he's precious!

  2. :( Bertie does NOT like his kennel either! Luckily with nursing school, my schedule is staggered with my parents so he doesn't have be in there for very long! Bella is finally at the point where she can be trusted alone for awhile. Someone suggested to me sticking an old shirt in his kennel that I'd worn for a few hours, it's supposed to help soothe them!


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