Wednesday, April 27, 2011

5 Little Things... (part 2)

Here's the next edition of "5 Little Things You May Want to Know About Me."

I get asked a lot if I wear fake eyelashes. The answer is no. In fact I've never worn fake lashes, ever. I was blessed with long lashes. I do have to curl them because they naturally stick straight out so I use an eyelash curler to get them to curl up. I also get asked a lot what mascara I use. Now, I've used a bunch and I can't say there is a huge difference between them but right now I use Maybelline's Volum'Express Mascara, the Falsies: Black Drama. I really do like it. So, if you're looking to try something new you might give it a shot. Depending on your hair color and skin tone you may want to use a different color and not the Black Drama.

One of my fondest memories of college was getting to serve on the executive board for HIS. It was such a joy. I was the New Member Educator which means I worked with all the girl who wanted to join HIS. I just loved it. The whole thing, the 7 hour exec meetings, the tuesday night new member meetings and big meetings, the wednesday night new member assistant meetings, the checking of e-mails all the time, all of it, all the extra stuff. Planning events, problem solving, game playing, fundraising, all of it. And I know that all that enjoyment had to do with my amazing exec that I had the privilege of serving with and the beautiful girl of HIS that we served. From left to right in the picture above we have: Jenica (Growth Coordinator/Bible Studies), Lauren W. (Treasurer/and our official DJ), Allison (VP Standing), Jackie (President), Lauren S. (VP Social), Nikita (Secretary), and me (New Member Educator). These women are truly amazing and I hope to be friends for a very long time.

>About HIS, but you can skip< (While in college at Texas Christian University (TCU) I joined a christian sorority called Eta Iota Sigma (HIS). This opportunity was a gift from God. I went through the greek sorority rush system and after the third day I dropped out but not without a lot of nerves and worry. I wondered if I should just go through with it because I wanted to make friends and find my place, but in my heart I knew it wasn't right. The first day of rush was fun because you go to every house and meet all these new people and everyone wears the same t-shirt. Then the second day comes and I felt like I was walking through a Teen Vogue photo shoot that I did not belong in. And then you find out that you've been called back to houses you didn't really relate to the day before and not asked back to houses you really wanted. It gave me an unsettling feeling. All that to say I dropped out and I am so thankful I did. I heard about this christian sorority and was curious to find out what it was all about. I went to the first open meeting and as they started out with worship my heart became peaceful. I knew then that I had found my place. They didn't judge me on how I looked or how much money my parents make but rather they invitation was already there, it was up to me to decide and say yes or no. I liked that everyone didn't look the same. There were cool people and not so cool people, and that was Beautiful!)

My first Jodi Picoult book was "My Sisters' Keeper." A really great book that I would suggest to anyone. As an older sister I understand that strong bond that happens between sisters and was drawn into this book. Next I read "Plain Truth" and then "Nineteen Minutes" and then two others but these three are my favorites so far. I like her books because I enjoy the law and Jodi incorporates the law into her books really well, so it's easy to understand and she brings up interesting topics. I don't always agree with her perspective but I enjoy processing these issues in her books. She also incorporates a bit of mystery in them, in that you don't get all the answers up front and so you get to piece things together for yourself as you read and then figure it all out at the end.

In HIS they have have "Bigs and Littles" which is like Big Sis, Little Sis. It's a great way to get upperclassmen to take new members under their wings and created a relationship there. Now not all matches go as amazing as mine did, so I know I am super blessed. Pictured above is my Big, Michelle, and my twin, Stefanie, on inductions night. Michelle had gotten us these huge stuffed animal lambs to give to us. That's the kind of relationship we have. Michelle was just the best Big you could ever ask for and we made the perfect family. They truly did become my family and some of my best friends. So, I love this lamb and still to this day sleep with it every night. It is my cuddle buddy. It's looking a little sad but that's only because I've squeezed a whole lot of love out of it.

I grew up writing letters. My first pen pals were my Great Grandma Dorothy and my Grammy. Then me and my best friend Kinsey would right back and forth as well. I love writing letters and sending the love out different people wherever they are at as much as I love the feeling I get when I find a little letter in the mail for me. In the picture above I have my loads of received letters (I think that's most of them) and my basket on the right is full of card waiting to be sent out.

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  1. OMG!!! you gave me a shout out! i love love love love you. you are so amazing.... and the lamb is sooooo freaking hysterical. i love that hes so old and worn now! thats love!! lol love you hon a ton!!! ;)


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