Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SAY WHAT? Ads you have to see to believe

How the times have changed. You have to see these real ads that had their day in the sun, but now wouldn't make it past the cutting room floor... if that.

Kind of crazy, but very funny to take a look back at these ads. But to be honest with you I think I would prefer these ads running than some of the absolutely vulgar ones that are out there now. A lot of the ads out there are closer to soft-core porn than they are to advertising/marketing, and I think it's disgusting. I was going to ad pictures of some of these ads to prove my point but I think you know what I'm talking about and I don't want to have those images on my site. Click here to read about the new Calvin Klein Jeans commercial "that is so racy it has already been banned from even late-night cable TV here in the States. This being the same company that back in the day over sexualized a young Brooke Shields.

Just some food for thought.


  1. I got these in an e-mail a few months ago. They crack me up! I think the Santa smoking one if my favorite though. Totally pandering to kids in cigarette ads. So legal now. hahaha

  2. oh my word...the spanking add!! L to the O to the L.

  3. these are truly terrible...i did a crazy christmas ad post a few months ago and there were some eerie ads all over...sheesh!

    stuff and nonsense


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