Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's the Little things

Back in February I helped my mom put on a baby shower for a fellow teacher at our house. I really had so much fun putting it all together and helping with the fun, little details. I have some pictures below to share with you. And then a tutorial on how to make a "Diaper Cake."

When buying the diapers don't forget to see if they have a pattern already printed on them, most do and you'll need to make sure the colors work with your theme. I prefer a fuller looking cake so I suggest using at least 100 diapers. Also, don't get newborn diapers because they will be way too tiny. So, think about patterns, amount, and size of the diapers.

Below, I have posted the video I watched before making my first diaper cake. It's pretty good, but remember to take your own creative freedom with the instructions.

My last post I shared with you these adorable appliqued onsies and mentioned that I'm hoping to sell them on Etsy. I started creating my shop today but had some complications getting it going, but hopefully I can get those taken care of and I'll let you know when the shop is open for business. Until then feel free to e-mail me at with any questions or order requests.

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  1. The diaper cake you made for my shower was awesome, Bethany! I also loved the personalized invitation. Everything was adorable and obviously well thought out.


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