Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Love

Yes, I was one of the 2 billion people that tuned in to see commoner Kate Middleton marry Prince William Arthur Philip Louis. I was busy working on projects so, I just stayed up the rest of the night to watch the wedding. Mom woke up at 3 a.m. to join me and we watched it all together. I tweeted along the way commenting on all the fun details. It was exciting to share this moment in history with my mom. I will forever remember this moment in time, and that's special. That's why I watched. What really made this whole wedding thing so fun to watch was the fact that you can tell the couple is truly in love. They both just seemed extremely happy. You could sense the pure joy and love.

Favorite parts were of course the dress that I am in love with, Harry sneaking a peak of the bride and whispering to William, and then the couple taking moments to look and smile at one another.

This dress was straight out of my dreams. Seriously, it's like Kate knew what my dream dress was in my head and had it created. I am in love with this dress and Kate wore it beautifully. She wore the dress, it didn't wear her. Every detail of this gown was perfect. Just enough lace, but not too much. Conservative and yet a touch of sexy all at the same time. Read more about the gown here.

As Kate walked down the isle William kept his back to her to save the moment of seeing her until she was right beside him. But his brother Harry just couldn't wait and took a sneak peak. After catching a look he smiled and turned to William and whispered something with a chuckle. A great sibling moment. Read about it here.

This is so fun that the couple left the palace in a convertible, with balloons intact. Clearly a modern day Royal couple.

Loved watching the whole event and of course I am still watching all the specials being aired today.

And No, I didn't forget the HATS! or the crazy fans watching there in London, I just didn't want to load it all on in this post. So, yes... more to come.


  1. i loved watching it as well! she's just so classy and timeless. i love love loved it! miss you hon. love you!

  2. It *was* an awesome wedding. [sigh!!!!]


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