Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Umbrellas & Rain Boots

It just keeps raining. Nothing crazy, but just enough so I can't mow the lawn. Last week I helped my grandparents out at there house three days out of the week and the two days I was home and able to mow... it rained. Then this saturday I was ready to go cut down the forest (a.k.a. the grass) and I had someone ask me to do some last minute design work for them. And as we all know Sunday was a beautiful day, but it was also Easter and I was gone all day. So, as you can see in the picture above, the grass situation is getting a little out of control. It rained yesterday and a little this morning, but I'm hoping it dries up a little today so I can mow this afternoon.

While I was in Texas (Fort Worth) I found out that it rains there a lot. Not all the time or anything like Seattle, but it definitely rained there more than it does here in Kansas City. I think mainly that was because in the winter, instead of snow... we got rain. All that to say, it took me four years to finally get the rain boots I realized I needed the first year I was there. This is why: See with umbrellas and rain boots you forget that you need them, until you need them. So, every time it rained I'd tell myself, "Bethany, you have to get some rain boots. This is ridiculous walking around in flip flops." But then when I would be out shopping and trying my best to save money and be responsible I'd talk myself out of buying the rain boots. I'd tell myself I could do without and save the $30. So, finally by the fourth year I caved and got myself some rain boots. Thank the Lord I did. So, much better now. I think the same mentality goes on with umbrellas too. That's why when I worked at Target whenever it rained they put the umbrella display practically right next to the door when you walked in. Reminder: You need an Umbrella!

On another note someone ordered a lady bug onesie, so I got that done and created this adorable package for it. I just love it.


  1. Bethany, you're so talented! Let me know when you get the Etsy store up and running, because I have some pregnant friends I can send your way :)

  2. Your blog has helped to put a smile back on my face. Not a good finish to my day, unfortunately...but you, my love, have helped me smile. :-)

  3. Bey, your creativity stuns me! The stuff you produce, graphic design and these onesies, are so good and cute! I am so excited for your etsy shop to be up and running, I know you'll be great!


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